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Women's Health Program

Dana Jane Saltzman, MD

Primary Care Physician

Women's Health

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Woman to Woman

“As a woman I love being able to go to a practice where I can be seen by female health providers who understand my needs and are able to deliver care that’s customized to me.”

Every woman has her own special healthcare needs. These needs will vary throughout a woman’s lifetime and encompass a range of common and unique circumstances.

At Midtown Health and Wellness, you will receive personal, discreet, and nurturing care from Dr. Dana Jane Saltzman. Dr. Saltzman has been helping women from all backgrounds with their healthcare needs for almost 20 years. We are in-network and accessible, and we have same-day and next-day appointments available to help you quickly access treatment.

With care available for extended hours (before and after work), and our assistance in understanding and using your insurance benefits, we eliminate the most common obstacles to care.


Beginning The Process With Midtown Health and Wellness

The process of women’s health care at Midtown Health and Wellness proceeds as follows:

In-office Assessment and Medical Clearance
On your first visit to the office, our medical team will assess your gynecological health. Based on this assessment, we create a personalized care plan for you.

We will schedule appointments at convenient hours that do not interfere with your work schedule to cater to your ongoing women’s health needs.

Dr. Saltzman has experience using bio-identical hormones as well as other innovative treatments for a variety of different conditions.


Call Midtown Health and Wellness to access personalized, woman-to-woman health care today.

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