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Opioid Addiction Specialist

Midtown Health and Wellness

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NYC Suboxone Program

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The Shortest Route To Recovery From Opiate Dependence

“Dr. Saltzman saved my life” 

Stopping the use of opiates is very difficult, if not impossible without medical intervention. At Midtown Health and Wellness, we help users of opiates recover by providing Suboxone treatment, an innovative medication that can provide immediate results and break the cycle of addiction.

Users of opiates can transition to Suboxone within 24 hours, itself an opiate, to avoid experiencing a painful withdrawal process. Suboxone is safe and can be used until one has done the work of recovery to markedly decrease the chance of relapse.The combination of Suboxone and ongoing therapy is the gold standard treatment for opiate dependence and has been demonstrated to be effective in achieving long-term recovery.

Suboxone is so effective because it works immediately, allowing patients to begin recovery as soon as they make the decision. Within minutes of taking the first dose of Suboxone, most patients feel a sense of well being and clarity. Patients almost invariably experience a new enthusiasm to attend to their work and family.


The NYC Suboxone Program at Midtown Health and Wellness

Everyone who comes in for treatment has a different story and is at a different stage on their path to recovery. We meet you exactly where you are, providing immediate tools to help you recover. These tools go far beyond just a monthly Suboxone prescription. We provide:


Mental health treatment is a very important part of recovery and we provide a range of services onsite.

Therapy takes place before and after work in order to accommodate your schedule.

Individual therapy caters specifically to your issues and can help address any co-occurring psychological disorders.

Group therapy is another powerful tool that connects you with others who are dealing with similar issues and have a similar commitment to recovery.

Pharmacy Management

Managing medications like Suboxone can be difficult for the typical patient so we manage medications on your behalf.

We coordinate your care with a nearby pharmacy that keeps a full stock of each patient's medication.

We will arrange prior authorization with your insurance carrier and provide valuable discount cards which will lower your copay.

Primary Care

Many people who use substances have medical issues that require diagnosis and treatment so we provide our patients with access to primary care.

Our specialized team includes physicians, physician assistants and other staff with relevant training.

Our “one-stop shop” approach makes it easier for patients to receive the care they need in the most efficient way possible.


Our clinic offersa comfortable and supportive environment. We are discreetly located in a professional office building, and our staff is trained to maintain patient confidentiality.Our convenient hours mean you can visit on evenings and weekends without disrupting your daily schedule.


Suboxone Treatment At Midtown Health and Wellness

The process of Suboxone treatment at Midtown Health and Wellness consists of 4 steps:

Step 1: Phone Assessment

We will provide a no-cost general health assessment the very first time you contact our clinic. We’ll discuss whether or not Suboxone treatment is appropriate for you and, if so, make plans for your transition off opiods and onto Suboxone, if appropriate as soon as the next day. We’ll help you understand your insurance coverage and the fees associated with our programs.


Step 2: In-office assessment and medical clearance

At your first appointment, you’ll meet with your treatment team, including the medical doctor, therapists and recovery coaches.

A thorough and comprehensive interview is completed so we can get to know you as a patient. Your medical team will assess your physical and mental health, and create a personalized Suboxone plan for you.

It’s common for patients to come to the first appointment while still using opiates, and we are prepared to help patients at any stage in their recovery path.

Step 3: Treatment Begins / Induction

At the second visit, the first dose of Suboxone will be administered. This visit may take up to 2 hours as we work with you to figure out the proper dosing.

For induction on Suboxone, you must be in withdrawal for 24 hours. We will ease you through the discomfort of withdrawal with medications, and time your transition to Suboxone on a day that will minimize disruption to your daily life. The first 24 to 72 hours are vital and we ask patients to be in close proximity during this period.


Step 4: Continuing Care and Therapy

The physician, in collaboration with the patient and the treatment team, will determine the frequency of visits following Suboxone induction. It is our experience that treatment should last at least six months and that, ideally, it will continue for between 1 and 3 years.

However, everyone is treated as an individual and decisions regarding treatment are made on a case-by-case basis.

We will then begin the process of engaging patients with the work of self awareness, developing insight, teaching tools for dealing with frustration, anger, resentment, rejection, and other challenges of daily life, in order to develop the ability to stay on course and not relapse back into drug use.

Call Midtown Health and Wellness today at 646-434-0702 to begin your journey to recovery from opiate addiction.

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