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ADHD Program

Dana Jane Saltzman, MD

Addiction Specialist and Primary Care Physician

Overcome Your Challenges

“School was a very difficult time for me. My teachers all thought I was lazy, but I felt like I was working harder than everybody else. It was just so tough to concentrate. When these problems continued into adulthood I assumed it was just part of me. I didn’t realize adults could be diagnosed with ADHD.” 

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that affects both children and adults. ADHD makes it difficult for a person to concentrate or stay focused and still for a prolonged period of time. People with the condition not only have trouble paying attention, but also regulating their behavior, and can easily become overexcited.

ADHD has a mixed reputation. Some people wrongly consider it as an excuse for laziness and underperformance. In reality, it is a complex condition that does not have to be entirely negative. People who grow up with ADHD find different ways of thinking around subjects, which can often drive creativity.

Nonetheless, ADHD does make it difficult to perform academically, and to succeed in various fields. The good news is that through a combination of medication and behavioral training. This includes strategies to overcome impulses, improve time management, as well as organizational proficiency.

Midtown Health and Wellness helps adults overcome the challenges caused by ADHD. We will help you approach these challenges, optimizing your unique style of thinking.

At Midtown Health and Wellness, we understand that certain ADHD medications are overprescribed and can do more harm than good. We follow very careful prescription practices, ensuring medication is used only when necessary and in a responsible manner.


Co-occurring disorders

People suffering with ADHD often suffer from co-occurring mental health disorders. They may suffer from low self-esteem due to poor performance at school or work. They may suffer from anxiety due to insecurity over how they will manage to achieve certain goals. People with ADHD can also suffer from depression, as they struggle to find structure and create a meaningful lifestyle for themselves.

Therapy can be an important tool in treating these co-occurring disorders. In addition, antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication may be prescribed when necessary.


Beginning The Process With Midtown Health and Wellness

The process of ADHD care at Midtown Health and Wellness consists of 4 steps:

Step 1: Phone Assessment
We will provide an assessment of your circumstances the very first time you contact Midtown. During this screen, we discuss your circumstances and how we can help you.

In addition, we will help you to understand your insurance coverage for our programs.

Step 2: In-office assessment and medical clearance
On your first visit to the office, a medical team including physicians and therapists specializing in ADHD will assess your physical and mental health. Based on this assessment, we create a personalized care plan for you.

Prior to starting ADHD treatment, you will also visit with a mental health therapist to assess for symptoms of ADHD.

Step 3: Treatment Begins / Induction
When necessary, you will be prescribed medication to treat your ADHD.

We will organize behavioral training and therapy covered by your insurance at convenient hours that do not interfere with your work schedule.

Your process will consist of specific goals so that you can assess your progress.

Call Midtown Health and Wellness today to begin your journey towards managing your ADHD.

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