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Travel Medicine Program

Dana Jane Saltzman, MD

Travel Medicine Specialist

Get Ready to Travel Stress-Free

“I was excited to see Brazil for the first time, but also anxious about all the potential health risks. Dr. Saltzman helped me understand which vaccinations and medications I needed, how to stay healthy while traveling, avoid illnesses, and what to do if I got sick on my vacation. This made planning so much less stressful and ensured I was prepared for every possibility.”

Travelling the world often requires deliberate planning, including medical preparation for potential exposure to infectious diseases. At Midtown Health and Wellness, we aim to take the stress out of travel by providing the appropriate vaccinations and bringing you up-to-date on the health risks you might face.

In addition to the standard information regarding your destination, we will help you understand your own personal risks, particularly if you suffer from chronic illnesses. We will work with your pharmacy and insurance to ensure you have all the medication you need while traveling.

Our providers will also give you guidelines for dealing with health issues that come up along the way.


Travel Preparation With Midtown Health and Wellness

Midtown Health and Wellness will take care of your travel medicine needs through the following process:

In-office Assessment and Care
We will provide a general assessment of your travel plans during your first visit.

During this visit, we will discuss your destinations and review potential health risks associated with certain regions (such as malaria, cholera, yellow fever, etc.) We’ll also discuss your medical history, and your background, to ascertain what vaccines and medicines you’ll need.

Depending on your history, your vaccinations and other travel requirements may be provided on your very first visit. Alternatively, when necessary, we will schedule your care for a follow-up shortly.

In all cases, our goal is to expedite the process and we are experienced with accommodating last minute travel consultations.

Call Midtown Health and Wellness to access personalized medical care for your upcoming travels.

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