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Is Suboxone right for me?

How do I get started with Suboxone Treatment?


 How long to stay on Suboxone?

Which is better: Methadone or Suboxone?

Suboxone, Sublocaid, Zubsolv, Vivitrol, what is the difference?

How much Suboxone should I be on?

Is taking Suboxone just substituting one addiction for another?

Will I experience any side effects with Suboxone?

Medical Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Why can’t I just stop drinking?

Am I an alcoholic?



Dr. Saltzman being interviewed about Addiction on Arte Journal TV



Dr. Saltzman being interviewed about The prescription drug crisis on Wall Street on Ronan Farrow Daily 6/27/14, MSNBC


New Face of Heroin | Dr. Dana Jane Saltzman, Addiction Specialist, interviewed on CBS New York



Suboxone helping to treat heroin, oxycontin addicts | Dr. Saltzman Interviewed on a News Segment on WPIX


How America Is Failing Its Heroin Addicts, Huffington Post Live, January 29, 2015


Dr. Saltzman being interviewed about elevated blood sugars and memory on CBS News - 10/26/13


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